Springfield University Hospital
Phoenix Unit

Assemble / Joh Bates / Sophie Clements / Nick Knight / Steve Macleod / Michael O’Reilly / Aimee Parrott / Mark Power & Jo Coles / Tim A Shaw / Gavin Turk

Hospital Rooms has worked in collaboration with South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust to commission artists including Gavin Turk, Nick Knight and Assemble to refurbish the Phoenix Unit at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting. The project is funded by the charity Morris Markowe League of Friends of Springfield University Hospital and is supported with public funding from the Arts Council England.

The Phoenix Unit is a secure psychiatric rehabilitation residential ward for up to 18 patients who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Each artist was allocated a space within the unit to renovate and has worked with clinicians, consultants, occupational therapists and the SWLSTG Mental Health NHS Trust on any necessary physical, logistic and hygiene considerations. This means museum quality artwork can be safely installed in areas for vulnerable adults.

Our aims are to:

  • Create new, aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking artworks or installations in the Trust that go beyond pictures on the wall

  • Engage patients and staff in the development of each installation

  •  Programme a series of tailored workshops where patients can develop their own artistic practice

Image: Nick Knight, Pale Rose, 2012. Courtesy of Nick Knight

Image: Nick Knight, Pale Rose, 2012. Courtesy of Nick Knight

'Some of the most creative and accomplished people that I have known have encountered difficulty with their mental health at one stage or another.
It seems to me that making vulnerable patients’ environments pleasant and stimulating is of the utmost importance and would be conducive to recovery and recuperation.'

Nick Knight OBE, Photographer, Founder and Director of SHOWstudio.com







“I am really excited by the Hospital Rooms project and really pleased this team of world class artists are launching this project at our Trust. Being involved in a project of this kind is hugely beneficial to our patients and staff and means that museum quality artwork is available to our patients, which greatly contributes to their recovery and care”.

Dr Emma Whicher, Medical Director, Springfield University Hospital, SWLSTG


“This is an excellent project. Our patients are really enthusiastic about the project, and it is a great way to brighten up our ward. I am pleased we are the first mental health Trust to participate in the project – a well decorated environment will have a very positive effect on our patients' experience, wellbeing and recovery.
“I am really looking forward to working with the team on this project”

Dr Charlotte Harrison, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Wandsworth Rehabilitation Team, Springfield University Hospital, SWLSTG

Dulux Trade, one of the UK’s leading paint brands in the professional market, has kindly agreed to donate the 110 litres of paint and the necessary tools required to redecorate the Phoenix unit.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this project that will, we hope, improve the wellbeing and outlook of patients, staff and visitors through art.
“Providing paints from our extensive range for the artists to display their works on is an exciting opportunity for us and we look forward to seeing the space transform into one that could be a blueprint for other healthcare environments.”

Ewa Czapracka, Marketing Manager, Dulux Trade


“Liquitex is delighted to support such an important and timely project.  The intention to install museum quality artwork by world-class artists into a secure psychiatric rehabilitation residential ward is absolutely in line with our own intentions; to provide high quality materials for all artists, at whatever stage of their practice they may be.  For human beings to occupy an environment which engages and visually stimulates is undoubtedly beneficial to mental health and well-being.  We at Liquitex believe in the power of art to transform lives, so we wholeheartedly encourage other areas of mental health practice to consider working with Hospital Rooms to undertake similar projects.”

Sarah Clark, Head of UK Marketing, Liquitex

Hospital Rooms at Griffin Gallery

In July 2016, Hospital Rooms collaborated with Griffin Gallery to showcase a collection of images showing the art installations that were created for Phoenix Unit alongside artworks made by the service users and staff.

Exhibition: 1 - 12 July 2016
Griffin Gallery
21 Evesham Street
London, W11 4AJ