20 x 20 Fundraiser
Griffin Gallery
25th April 6 - 8:30pm


Hospital Rooms is raising money by offering anonymous 20 x 20cm artworks for sale at £50 each at our upcoming event at Griffin Gallery. 

Over 100 artists have generously donated original artworks to support the initiative. 

These artworks will be available to buy at our event on 25th April 6-8:30pm at Griffin Gallery and purchasers will be able to take their artworks directly from the gallery.

The sale will then go online at www.hospital-rooms.com from 10am on Thursday 26th April until 5pm on Friday 27th April. 

We can take cash and card payments (cash is preferred for time saving.)

The money raised will help us to make high quality art and culture accessible to people using secure and locked mental health units. 

To attend the event, please RSVP to info@hospital-rooms.com.

 Our Contributing Artists

Adam Bottomley, Adam Hennessey, Alex March, Alexander Stavrou, Alina Zamanova, Andrea Coltman, Andreas Tomblin, Anna B Sexton, Anna Freeman Bentley, Anna Garrett, Anna Proctor, Antonia Jackson, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, Anya Kashina, Athene Grieg, Bea Haines, Benjamin Murphy, Beth Fraser, Cara Nahaul, Caragh Savage, Charley Peters, Christian Furr, Claire Brewster, Claire M Moore, Claire P Halliday, Coco Crampton, Cressida Haughton, Dave Farnham, Day Bowman, Dina Varpahovsky, Ella McCartney, Emma Copley, Emma Sheehy, February James, Ferg Cooper, Fiona G Roberts, Fiona Grady, Fionn Wilson, Robert  Fitzmaurice, Francesca Simon, Frederic Anderson, Gail Robins, Gillian McCusker, Hannah Coulson, Hannah Luxton, Hayley van der Westhuizen, Helen Bermingham, Henry Tyrrell, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, J.A. Nicholls, James Kenison, James Petrucci, James Randell, Janet Currier, Jemima Sunley, Jenifer Corker, John Sheehy, Jonathan Barrie, Joshua Osborn, Josie Goddard, Jowy Maasdamme, Juan Bolivar, Julie Umerle, Karen David, Karl Bielik, Karolina Albricht, Kate Boucher, Katharine Lazenby, Leah Stewart, Leslie Farago, Lisa Traxler, Lisa V Robinson, Mandy Hudson, Marco Rea, Marianne Basualdo, Mathilda Bevan, Matthew Krishanu, Melinda Satark, Merve Sozeri, Mew Jirasirikul, Michael O’Reilly, Mindy Lee & J.A.L. B, Minyoung Choi, Mircea Teleaga, Nectarios Stamatopoulus, Nicasio Torres Melgar, Nicole Price, Nina Duckworth, Olivia Kemp, Paola Travers, Paresha Amin, Pat MacDonald, Paul Hart, Paula MacArthur, Po You Cheung, Rebecca Byrne, Rei Nadal, Richard Walker, Robert Dixon, Rosalind Barker, Sal Jones, Sarah Lightman, Sarah Praill, Sneh Mehta, Sophie Clements, Stacey Gilmour, Susan Sluglett, Susannah Douglas, Susie Hamilton, Svetlana Grishina, Tim A Shaw, Tine Isachsen, Tom Goddard, Tom Sewell, Velwyn Yossy, Vicent Carda, Victor Seaward, Wendy Saunders, Yukako Shibata

View the donated artworks

Thank you! 

We are so grateful to all the artists who have donated artwork to support Hospital Rooms.