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Bluebell Lodge

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

We worked with artists, residents and staff to create a series of extraordinary artworks for Bluebell Lodge, a locked rehabilitation unit for men at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


Mark Titchner

Communal Lounge, Bluebell Lodge, CNWL

‘Art captures something beautiful that the world can't destroy. Art is everlasting.’

-Service User, Bluebell Lodge

Bob and Roberta Smith Relatives Room Bluebell Lodge Hospital Rooms 3.jpg

Bob and Roberta Smith

Relative’s Room, Bluebell Lodge, CNWL

“The best thing about the project was seeing it go from ideas to reality and see it come true, come alive”

-Service User, Bluebell Lodge


Steve Macleod

Gym, Bluebell Lodge, CNWL

“I felt back in business. Positive vibes to get back to life. I felt invigorated. I've only touched the surface. It woke me up.”

-Service User, Bluebell Lodge


Rachael Champion

Telephone Room, Bluebell Lodge, CNWL

“It was very therapeutic to be asked for my ideas and knowing it would come to fruition and seeing it. Like clouds in the sky with sunshine”

-Service User, Bluebell Lodge


Tim A Shaw

Dining Room and Hallways, Bluebell Lodge, CNWL

“The positive effect the artists interventions have within Bluebell Lodge is underpinned by Niamh and Tim’s belief and understanding of the complex ways art work enhances the spaces for the people who live and work there. The relationships they build, the energy and trust they nurture is essential to the artists being able to transform the environment.”

-Anna Barriball, Artist


Anna Barriball & Seasalt

This project launches a collaboration between Hospital Rooms and Cornish fashion brand Seasalt. Seasalt will be supporting in a variety of ways, starting with a donation from the sale of their popular bamboo Sailor Socks and the commission of an artwork by Anna Barriball that will be created for and installed in the Bluebell Lodge.

Image: Anna Barriball, Daylight, 2013

Antony Gormley Mind Matter.jpg

Antony Gormley

As well as commissioning site specific artworks for Bluebell Lodge, we have also installed this work on paper by Antony Gormley, titled Mind Matter, in one of the interview rooms

Hospital Rooms’ 6th project has taken place with Bluebell Lodge at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. We have commissioned 6 world class artists to co-produce highly inventive, compelling and NHS compliant artistic environments for the unit in partnership with mental health service users, carers and mental health professionals through tailored arts sessions. The Bluebell Lodge provides locked rehabilitation care to men aged 18 - 65 who have severe and ongoing mental illness and who have found other units unable to meet their needs. The average stay of patients is between 6 and 18 months.

This project aims to overcome the severe inequality of opportunity to access the arts and creative activity faced by men in long stay locked mental health units, to make this unit environment more conducive to recovery, and to promote social interaction, inclusion and connectedness in this particularly segregated and vulnerable group of people.

Antony Gormley has kindly donated a work to Hospital Rooms that will also be displayed in the unit. This project is funded by Arts Council England and Cornish fashion brand Seasalt who are supporting the participation of artist Anna Barriball. In addition, Colart are generously donating all the necessary art materials for the project through their brand Liquitex.

Bluebell Lodge Exhibition at Unit 1 Gallery Workshop

Bluebell Lodge: is an inpatient rehabilitation unit. It provides long-term care and support for people who have complex mental health problems and where previous placements have been unable to meet their needs. Qualified and experienced teams support service users to develop the necessary skills for independent living, including practical skills, mental health management and feeling prepared psychologically.

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust: is one of the largest trusts in the UK, caring for people with a wide range of physical and mental health needs. We provide a wide range of services to treat people with a variety of health needs. In broad terms, these include common physical health problems, long-term conditions, mental health, learning disabilities, eating disorders, addictions and sexual health. We are here to provide support for people through every stage of life. The majority of our services are provided in the community, which means treating people in their homes or from clinics close to home. Where community care is not possible we offer a number of facilities to treat people in hospital or residential environments. We also provide healthcare in prisons in London and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing services that meet the needs of the people who use them, and we actively encourage involvement from local people who can help make a difference.

Seasalt: started in 1981 when Don Chadwick and son David went to Penzance to buy a jacket on a wet day in August. They got on so well with the owner, Mrs Strutt that they ended up buying it. Sons, Leigh, David and Neil Chadwick are still involved to this day with the business. Seasalt were the first fashion company to win a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainability, in recognition of their achievements in working responsibly and considerately. They contribute towards maintaining and promoting local traditions and skills. They sponsor the International Sea Shanty Festival and fund the Seasalt Bursary, giving an apprentice the chance to train at the Leach Pottery - one of the most renowned potteries in the world. Seasalt is a talented team including fine artists, illustrators, creative writers and print designers. They are a melting pot of ideas and innovation. Helping raise funds for charity is important to Seasalt and so many local charities and projects have received their support, as well as raising over £70k for national coastal charity, Fishermen’s Mission. More information about Seasalt can be found at

Enquiries: / +44 (0) 7427141245

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