The Junipers & Jasmine Lodge

The Junipers

Devon Partnership Trust

In early 2019, we embarked on a project at The Junipers, a newly built Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, which provides care to adults experiencing mental health difficulties which present a risk to their wellbeing or that of others. The Junipers is part Devon Partnership Trust.

Service users and staff invited our artists to create artwork for various sites throughout the unit. Our artists included Rose Pilkington, Jon Emmony, Bindi Vora, Lucy Stein, Susie Hamilton and Grenville Davey. Each artist visited the unit to familiarise themselves with the functionality of the space in hopes of creating artwork that could transform the most impactful areas, additionally, the artists ran workshops both in the unit and outside with service users and ex service users alike.

“I felt that I was contributing to something special. It’s good to think that I have helped to make the ward nicer for other people.”

- Service User, The Junipers

Grenville Davey Tail Spin Recovery Family Room The Junipers Courtesy of Hospital Rooms2 Photography Damian Griffiths LR.jpg

Grenville Davey

The Junipers PICU - Family Room

“I’ve become enlightened about how art can be interpreted in so many different ways. It has started lots of interesting conversations”

- Staff Member, The Junipers

Rose Pilkington De-Escalation Room The Junipers Courtesy of Hospital Rooms Photography Damian Griffiths LR.jpg

Rose Pilkington

The Junipers PICU - De-Escalation Room

“It’s been great to be involved with something so positive and to work collaboratively with the staff and artists.”

- Service User, The Junipers

Jon Emmony

The Junipers PICU - Dining Area Corridor

“The work is uplifting, tranquil and gives a warm atmosphere”

- Service User, The Junipers

Bindi Vora

The Junipers PICU - Corridor

“The painting is of a journey through wilderness but a journey towards light and newness, supported by the fortitude of the animals and undertaken by the hardy, light-bearing Sami.”

- Susie Hamilton, Artist

Susie Hamilton

The Junipers PICU - Mens Corridor

“The painting in the male corridor is inspiring and gives me hope for the future”

- Service User, The Junipers

Lucy Stein

The Junipers - Womens Corridor

“The imagery should be calming but also remind the patients that they have power within them”

- Lucy Stein, Artist