This is our second project at Northside and we collaborated with Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) on our research and evaluation of the project.


Northside House is a medium secure unit for men in Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) and provides care to people who have a severe and enduring mental health diagnosis and have been in touch with the criminal justice system. This dual element often means that service users experience disproportionate stigma and, as a consequence, face a series of barriers to meaningful engagement with arts and culture. This is our second project at Northside and we collaborated with Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) on our research and evaluation of the project.

This project focused on the then workshop space at Northside House, which was gutted to become a social hub for service users in 2022. The space eventually become a blank canvas for artwork to be created on-site or made off-site and installed.

Tim Shaw


Tim is a tall man with brown hair and eyes. He lives in London, grew up in Kent and had Welsh, Scottish and Pakistani grandparents. He has Tourettes Syndrome so has some frequent facial and body tics. His pronouns are he/him.

Tim started the charity with Niamh. He raises funds for the projects and works with the different teams on how to deliver their projects. Tim is an artist and makes installations, light sculptures and paintings. He started his career in the arts as an Art Technician and ran his own art installation company for 10 years. With Niamh, outside of Hospital Rooms, he runs an art prize for exceptional emerging artists. He authored a book called Draw & Be Happy. He eats a Mars Ice Cream every day.

Niamh White


Niamh (Pronounced Neve) is a medium height white woman with light brown hair. Her pronouns are she/her. She was born in Dublin, raised in Cornwall and now lives in London.

Niamh does something different every day but mostly loves dreaming up the future of Hospital Rooms. She builds projects, generates funding, monitors our impact and plans for the long term. Niamh is a curator who began her career on the front desk at Hauser & Wirth, worked for Nick Knight at SHOWstudio and has undertaken a variety of independent projects. She has always been fascinated by the ways in which the arts can drive social change. Niamh likes essay collections – a recent favourite is All We Can Save by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K Wilkinson. She likes getting blown around on the Cornish coast.


Northside House Workshop

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

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Thank You

This project was supported by a wide variety of partners without whom it would not be possible. We are very grateful to: Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Arts Council England, Norwich University of the Arts, and the Baring Foundation.