Our Supporters

Our supporters enable us to continue transforming mental health hospitals with the world’s best artists, patients, staff and the wider community.

Together, we are ensuring all people in mental health services have access to extraordinary art.

Hospital Rooms would like to thank the following individuals, partners, charitable organisations and businesses for generously supporting our ambitious programme:

And all those who wish to remain anonymous, thank you.

Donors - £1,200+
Grant Castle

Supporters - £500+
Martin Black / Nick Norton

Friends - £100+
Rebecca Byrne / Liz Elton / James Fenwick / Morag Forbes / Tor Hopkins / Emma Jane Palin / Becca Pelly Fry / Annabel Shaw / Tim A Shaw / Niamh White

Maaike Takens / Katharine Lazenby / Sylwia Michalska / Colart Staff / Britt Insurance Staff

Trusts and Foundations
Garfield Weston Foundation / Isabella Blow Foundation / Rothera Charitable Trust / Morris Markowe League of Friends

Seasalt Cornwall / Client Server / Colart / Metro Imaging / Dentons

Founder Patron - £10,000+
James Parker