Steve Macleod

Inspired by the Pictorial movement popularized in the late 19th and early 20th Century’s, Steve Macleod’s landscape photography often utilizes chiaroscuro elements of light and shade, his subjects are ascribed to the sensitive exploration of the soul and an inner sensibility, creating a melancholic expressive mood.

His practice operates in a zone that discards the modernist approach to ‘scientific’ realist interpretation, for one that references Tonalism – often on the periphery of vision, one experiences environmental aura rather than a template for topographically recording nature. His work suggests rather than explains, inviting the viewer to question rather than understand, and in doing so breaking the rules for what is readily accepted as ‘metric’ landscape photography. He aims to recreate the impression of what we experience with the eye and less so by the camera lens. The lens records, the eye creates.


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