Hospital Rooms believes all people in mental health hospitals should have the freedom to experience extraordinary art


Learn more about Hospital Rooms in this film by Channel 4 News 

Eileen Skellern 1 and Hospital Rooms exhibition at Griffin Gallery in London

Read about our project at a dementia ward in The Lancet

Tamsin Relly's limited edition print 'Pink Shadow' is now available to purchase in aid of Hospital Rooms

“The best thing about the project was the collaborative creative work between artists and young people and the generosity and humility of visiting artists.” 

Staff member, Maudsley Hospital 

Anish Kapoor installs series of 10 prints 'Breathing Blue' at Snowsfields Adolescent Unit for young people in severe mental health crisis

We commission museum quality artists to create inventive, compelling and compliant environments and artworks for mental health units in genuine partnership with service users, psychiatrists, allied health professionals and public health researchers. 

“It’s things like this that make my life better.”

Service User, Springfield Hospital 

Jeremy Corbyn visits our project at the Garnet Ward, which provides care for older people with dementia and other challenges

By treating environments with the equivalent value assigned to national museums or galleries and widening access to creative activity, we hope our projects will have a transformational impact on the people we work with and encourage lifelong participation in the arts.


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Hospital Rooms is a registered charity in England and Wales. 

Registered Charity Number: 1168101