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Our philanthropic supporters help us work towards a mental healthcare system where every service user feels safe in both their physical and mental environments.


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James Parker

Jesseman Pryor III

Manuela and Iwan Wirth

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The Baring Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

Hiscox Foundation

Old Possum’s Practical Trust

Pinterest Purpose Partners

Rayne Foundation

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Norwich University of the Arts

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Gallagher Re

Unit London


Anna Kirrage

Annabel Shaw

Brian Horwell

David Steel

Emilie De Pauw

Jane Hindley

Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Jane Wentworth

John Cavanagh

Karen Smith

Mandy d’Abo

Matt Symonds

Olga Ovenden

Pam Weinstock-Perry

Shane Cleere

Simon Cooper

Simon Fox


Aidan Thomas, Alice Leedham, Alexandra Stones, Amie Corry, Amy de la Haye, Andrea Lee, Annabel Shaw, Anna Sayers, Anthony Epps, Bella Kesoyan, Bernadette Blair, Brynner Wandemberg, Catherine Lee, Carlo Iacono, Catherine Lee, Christopher Pilling, Dan Davies, Dave Leese, Elizabeth Ramrayka, Elizabeth West, Emma Palin, Eun Jeong So, Finucane Bg B, Francois Costa-Peretti, Frederick Shaw, Janine Catalano, Jessica Happ, Jill Hodges, Joanna Steingold, Joanne Baudin, John Brandler, Julia Magee, Justine Craston, Katherine Boon, Kathryn Kaelin, Kay Shaw, Leah Pearson, Lillian Caldwell, Liz Elton, Louise McMillan, Lucy Brizell, Lucy Maddox, Laurie Shaw, Mandy Katz, Mark Wanzala-Ryan, Martin Klipp, Mary Emma Adams, Morag Forbes, Nawaz Mohamed, Nicola Bolton, Nicolas Kidd, Nicola Bradbury, Patrick Wanzala-Ryan, Paul Greep, Penelope Clarkson, Peter Scott, Peter Testar, Philip Ross, Pips Taylor, Rebecca Byrne, Rebecca Pelly-Fry, Robert Violette, Rosanna Cundall, Rosanna Cundall, Sara Jane Bonner, Sarah Briggs, Sarah Cundall, Shawn Welch, Syed Abbas, Tamzin Muir, William Carter, Adam Baldwin, Dan Davies, Dr Sarah Elliot, Matthew Doyle, Emma Cousin, Mike Obi

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