Steve Macleod, Meadow

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Steve Macleod, Meadow

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Meadow, 2018

Archival pigment print (unframed)

Image size: 37.5 x 46.1cm Paper size: 42.5 x 50.2cm

Edition of 25 with 2 AP

Signed, titled and numbered under image

Artist Steve Macleod has worked with us on two projects since 2016. This print formed the foundation for a wall covering for the gym at Bluebell Lodge, a mental health unit that provides intensive rehabilitation for men. About the piece, he said:

“There is a meadow near to where I live that is important to my own mental wellbeing; I sit and walk there to ground myself and untangle my bipolar mess. I created this work in response to the workshop I undertook at the Bluebell Lodge with Hospital Rooms, capturing the shadows cast by the plants and montaging them together to create a work that is both real and imagined.” Steve Macleod, 2018